Orange County coast

Orange County coast

We fly to Hawaii in a day’s time, so are camping on the coast just south of Los Angeles.

An opportunity to enjoy the SoCal (South Californian) lifestyle, and watch the surfers lining up to wait for just the right wave. Thanks to the cool of the Pacific breezes, it’s the perfect place to live and everyone looks so incredibly happy. Bronzed youngsters jog along the boardwalk, a rock band plays on the beach and the retired are meeting-up for picnics.

Buzzing and exuberant Laguna Beach was just as Roger remembered it from 30 years ago
The pier in San Clemente is authentic and non commercial. At the far end they were fishing (very successfully) for mackerel
Hilary having breakfast at Onofre State Park. We are packing the tent for Hawaii but leaving all the cooking equipment behind for others to use

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