Aloha Hawaii

Aloha Hawaii

We’ve just spent five nights on Maui – its nickname is The Valley Isle, and many people say it’s the most beautiful of the Hawaii islands. Truth is we only went there because we are now en route to Australia and there’s a direct flight from Los Angeles.

We travelled 2000 miles west reading books and watching films. How different from the Polynesian voyagers who reached Hawaii about 400 AD, or earlier, using only fixed stars as their navigation.

First impressions of Maui were not good. The roads were busy. The landscape far from picturesque and the sky full of menacing clouds!

Also the island authorities seem determined to make campers unwelcome. Some told us this was a new policy to prevent the homeless arriving from California. However after two nights in a private campsite we sorted out our state permit, and were able to escape to the more isolated and beautiful parts of the island.

Our first campsite metres from the Pacific Ocean at Olowalu. We stayed here two nights
Sun rises over our tent at the Waianapanapa State Park near Hana. We were pleased we had brought our tent on the plane from California

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