Off we go again

Off we go again

Living at Manly, Sydney with Hilary’s friend Liz was so lovely and relaxing, but now we need to move on.

The days in Sydney/Canberra have also allowed us to get our Chinese visas, and think through exactly what we want to do with our four weeks in Australia.

After a lot of soul-searching, discussions and costings, we have settled on three main locations:

  • Port Douglas – to see the Great Barrier Reef and enjoy some winter sunshine. We’ll fly to Cairns to save time, recognising we have already seen a lot of coast in California and Hawaii.
  • Darwin – which sounds like a city with an interesting back-story, and is one of the few areas of Australia that Hilary didn’t visit 30 years ago.
  • the Outback – which, although it’s so hard to reach, should give us the unique spirit of Australia.

Do come on the ride with us.

Some of our planning. What we did in our Canberra hotel room when it was freezing outside!
We’re thinking ahead and now have our Chinese visas. We weren’t able to get these in the UK, as you need to enter within three months of issue

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