Campervan touring

Campervan touring

We’ve just finished three days and nights in our tiny campervan up in the Atherton Tablelands. It’s a fertile plateau where coffee, bananas and sugar cane are grown in irrigated fields.

The campervan was a bit basic, but we enjoyed imagining we were in our 20s. When parked next to the other campervans and RVs, it was however dwarfed, so good job neither of us suffer from low self esteem.

That said, the Hippie Camper was well designed with an integrated sink and fridge, came with a small gas cooker, and converted to a full-size double bed. It was fine for our seven days but we are looking to trade up for our next campervan in the Outback; an integral shower and toilet will seem like a necessity out there.

Places we visited in the Tablelands included Hippie-town Kuranda, bustling Atherton, and charming Yungaburra. At the latter, we saw our first ever Duck Billed Platypus swimming in a river, albeit for a few seconds, and a brilliant example of a curtain fig tree.


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