Thanks to a stranger

Thanks to a stranger

We love the randomness of travelling. If we hadn’t popped into the store to buy some water, if we hadn’t asked about some walks to do, if the shopkeeper hadn’t produced a photocopy of some walks…..

So using the above hand-drawn map, produced by a lady who simply wanted to share her love of walking in the area, we enjoyed going up into the bush north of Lake Tinarro. Starting at the Scout Camp, we climbed steeply up the Torpedo Bay Walk, and after 45 mins reached ‘the best lookout’.

A big thanks to the nameless lady who drew the map. Without it, we would never had enjoyed looking out across the Atherton Tablelands.

It got us thinking, how everyone can make a difference in the place they love. What could we do to help visitors to our town?


2 thoughts on “Thanks to a stranger

  1. Am eaves dropping on your easy conversation with the 2 women sitting behind you at Deckchair Cinema. You have inspired me to plan my own MAGY. Thnx


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