Travel Tips 12 – Thinking about seasons

Travel Tips 12 – Thinking about seasons

We’ve flown from Cairns into Darwin. The hotter temperature hits you, as soon as you leave the airport. To us Brits, it doesn’t feel like winter.

But, just a week ago, we were shivering in Canberra.

This partly explains our travel choices for Australia. It simply makes sense, at this time of year, to keep north. Conversely, if we had arrived in the Australian summer, we probably would have travelled to Tasmania, or New Zealand, seeking cooler temperatures.

Across the whole gap year, planning for the seasons is a key parameter. But one that most likely will be full of compromise, and some unplanned advantages.

Our path around the world was determined initially by a wish to be in southern Chile and Argentina in their summer; so January and February. Everything else, followed from this.

In April, this meant we arrived in Canada too early for hiking and camping. But instead we experienced a ‘winter wonderland’.

However, next week, we will be able to head south to the Outback when it’s not too hot.

Later in the gap year, in October, we will be arriving in India just at the right time.

There probably will be no perfect way to square where you want to go, with the limitations of a RTW flight ticket, and the time of year. But it’s worth thinking about the seasons, and trying to play them, as much as possible, to your advantage. Good luck!

The view from the Jetstar plane approaching Darwin

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