“I feel Australian”

“I feel Australian”

We’re staying at a delightful Airbnb in Palmerston (30 minutes outside Darwin). Our hostess has a fascinating story of migration and how to change your life successfully in your mid thirties.

Ela grew up near Frankfurt but told us “She never felt German”. She was shy and remembered how the formal German language and customs inhibited her. She spent her twenties doing two degrees, but longed to travel. A friend suggested Australia.

So she came out here eight years ago. She back-packed around the country and fell in love with Australia and the people. “They are all so laid back, helpful and generous” she told us. She loves the English language because “It’s an informal language and therefore communication between people is easier”.

She now has her own 3 bedroom, detached house in Palmerston and runs her own successful business on advising potential immigrants how to emigrate to Australia. She loves the outdoor life, camping, endless sunshine, BBQs and the relaxed way of life. Australia has changed her life and her, “It’s made me a stronger person. I’m confident, I talk to people and I now lead the life I really want”.

Ela’s story made us reflect. To find themselves, how many people need to change their country?


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