On the road with our new campervan

On the road with our new campervan

We’ve traded up from the tiny Hippie Camper we had in Queensland. And, guess what, our Britz hi-top is so spacious and completely new. So a shiny kitchen, spotless floors and that new auto smell. How lucky are we!

Our only worry, the expected cold night temperatures. So we asked the lovely woman from Britz to give us an extra duvet, which she did.

Our first task, to stock up on supplies for eight days. So off we went to the Alice Springs Woolworths (Australia’s more upmarket supermarket chain) and filled up with tins, fruit and basics.


Four hours later, we pulled into free roadside parking on the Lassiter Highway, one of just four campervans, under a canopy of Southern Hemisphere stars.

Ahead of us the natural wonders of Kings Canyon, Uluru (Ayer Rock) and Kata Tjuta (the Olgas). But right now, it was the Milky May that was the first star (or millions of stars) of our road trip.

And then, when we woke up with the dawn we experienced the most amazing Outback sunrise. We were speechless.



2 thoughts on “On the road with our new campervan

  1. Wow, breathtaking and a bit surreal.

    We experienced our second James Turrell Skyspace this past weekend at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.


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