At Uluru (Ayers Rock)

At Uluru (Ayers Rock)

It’s made of rock, but it acts like a giant magnet, drawing millions of tourists from around the globe. And seeing Uluru in context, from all angles and perspectives, is so different from seeing the classic postcard shot.

In the flatness of the Outback, you see Uluru first some 40km away. Thereafter, as you drive around the National Park, your eyes are always drawn to it. It’s simply both mesmerising and engulfing.

We spent a couple of days focusing on getting to know the 348m high stone well. The journey of the sun, the contours and buttresses in the rock’s surface, create ever changing effects that rewards the extra time.

Since, Hilary was here 30 years ago, more walks have been opened up. For five hours, we walked all around the base of the rock, enjoying the unique flora and fauna, the succulent waterholes and the caves where the Aboriginals gathered to tell their stories.

And we’re glad to say that, despite the number of visitors, discretely accommodated some 15km away, there’s still remarkable peace to find.



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