Uluru (Ayers Rock) at sunset

Uluru (Ayers Rock) at sunset

Tourists on a lightening tour only get to see the sunset from the designated “viewing areas”; a lot of expensive cameras lined up to replicate the iconic, but overseen, postcard view.

Above is the wonderful view we enjoyed, but we felt distant from Uluru here. With our extended stay, we also had the opportunity to be close to the rock at sunset, away from the masses, on the Mala Walk and at the Kanju Gorge waterhole.

As the sun dipped, the birds sang, the rock radiated a red glow, with shadows lengthening, and crevasses falling into darkness.

All too soon, Uluru became brown and uninteresting. However, ten minutes later, as if by magic, the Rock gleams again – reflecting the deepening orange sky to the west.

Reaching out, we could touch this afterglow.


If you plan to do this The red glow only lasts a few minutes so plan in advance where you want to be. We found the official viewing area’s views partly obscured by bushes and trees. And as we say above, it’s brilliant close-up to the rock too.


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