Truckers Museum

Truckers Museum

Modern Australia is built on the back of huge road trains running the length and breadth of Australia. When you see one of these monsters bearing down on you in your rear view mirror, you quickly pull over.

This Truckers Museum, ten kilometres south of Alice Springs, is dedicated to the history and heroes of trucking across the centre of Australia.

Politicians invested in railways around the coasts, but during WW2 the Stuart Highway was made roadworthy for the army to reach and defend Darwin. Straight after that, in the absence of a railway from north to south, pioneering truckers started making the 30-40 hour drive, transporting anything and everything.

The first generation of truckers had to be mechanics, livestock managers, bridge fixers and flood survivors just to get through. Men like Kurt Johannsen are hailed for the successful conversion of the US Army trucks (left behind after WW2) into the first road train cattle transporters. Kurt also developed a self-tracking system for long multi-carriage road trains, enabling them to better go round corners.

This museum also gave us an insight into the future development of road trucks and their need to comply with increasingly tough specifications for pollution, gas efficiency and also home comforts to attract a new generation of drivers who want all mod cons in their cabs when driving and sleeping.


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