Resting up for Mount Fuji

Resting up for Mount Fuji

We’ve arrived at the lakeside town of Kawaguchiko with one goal in mind – to climb Mount Fuji (Fuji-san in Japanese), the most climbed mountain in the world.

“A wise man climbs Fuji once. A fool climbs it twice” says the Japanese proverb.

Trouble is Typhoon Noru is crossing Japan, bringing storms and torrential downpours. When we reached our hostel, we were dripping wet, with Mount Fuji nowhere to be seen.

However, we are promised better weather Wednesday night/ Thursday morning, so we are now in preparation mode. We have hired poles and headlamps, and stocked up on lots of lovely biscuits and bars. But with the climb described as serious, tough, and difficult, the key thing is to get some rest. Nine months of travelling are taking their toll and we are worried we won’t have the energy, or the knees, to make it to the top. Hence, we are enjoying a rare day of having our feet up.

Wish us luck.

At 3776m, Mount Fuji is Japan’s highest mountain, but fortunately for us, today’s tourist climbers start from a station 2305m high, and get some rest in mountain huts before the sunrise summit push. We’ve been warned, because of the crowds and the commercialisation of the mountain, this is the package-holiday version of mountain climbing.


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