Women only carriages

Women only carriages

We noticed women only carriages, stipulated on certain carriages during morning and evening rush hours, first on the Tokyo metro system. Our China expert Sophie, told us they were introduced because of the high levels of groping by men on crowded trains.

We’ve since also spotted these notices on Korean metro lines (above). What is the problem here? Aren’t we living in the 21st century in cosmopolitan egalitarian societies?

We note that this week a British Labour Member of Parliament (MP) has been making similar suggestions for the London tube. Glad to say that egalitarians have pushed back and said the solution should be prosecuting men for behaving badly rather than restricting women’s freedom.

Now some of you might say it’s not restricting women, but as Yvette Cooper MP says, “Why should women have to shut themselves away to stay safe.” And Sarah Wollaston, MP added, “In countries where women are segregated on public transport, it’s a marker for disempowerment not safety.”

Sad and depressing to see that in 2017 sexual harassment is still such an issue in advanced societies.


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