Chinese marriage advertising

Chinese marriage advertising

In People’s Park on any Sunday morning, an extraordinary site. Older people sit with upturned umbrellas displaying carefully typed notices.

Initially, Hilary thought it might be some sort of selling, Roger wondered if these were accommodation ads.

In fact, behind every umbrella and notice is an anxious parent trying to find a partner for their (inevitably only) daughter or son. The ads are aimed at other parents in a similar state, and we were told this is all initiated without their child’s knowledge.

IMG_8534Probably, it’s as much to do with bringing a new salary into the family as having grandchildren. There are no photos just cv style details, with a focus on education and jobs.

It’s a symptom of the problems younger people have in finding partners. Works hours are long and demanding for going out much. And thanks to the ‘one child policy’ there’s some 35 million extra males under age 40, with a famed arrogance and inability to sustain relationships.



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