We fly into Indonesia

We fly into Indonesia

Indonesia has the world’s largest number of Muslims and is also the fourth most populated country.

We decided to come here because it’s almost a forgotten state. Mention Indonesia and you can see friends desperately thinking where exactly it is, what islands does it comprise of, and isn’t there always an army coup or fighting going on there?

There’s also a World Heritage Site to visit.

But first we had the capital Jakarta to see. The 20m people who live here apparently tweet more than any other city on the planet. It’s major landmark is the 132 m (433 ft) imposing National Monument built to commemorate the struggle for Indonesian independence.

We felt we had arrived back in South America, with obvious pockets of poverty and bad pavements, and dangerous roads. But the people are so friendly and courteous, with a soft line in Islam; no niqabs have been seen, just optional hijabs, with many working women and men content to cuddle babies.

In Merdeka Square we were caught up in the marching bands fanfare for a film and music evening. Wonderful colours and national costumes
A gathering of women inside the Istiqlal Mosque, one of the largest in South East Asia with a capacity of 200,000

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