Hotel living in Jakarta

Hotel living in Jakarta

We book our hostels and hotels a few days ahead, mainly using, following a simple, logical process: look in a particular price range, check ease of access from the airport/station, and then review the customer ratings.

Sometimes we are disappointed (Kyoto and Guangzhou), sometimes delighted. Our place in Jakarta, Citadines Apartments, falls into the latter.

The room is on the 22nd floor of a modern apartment block. Many of the people here are on long-term rentals, but for £46 a night, we have a palatial room with settee and kitchen areas. Also wonderful first-class breakfasts, a swimming pool on the floor below and a New York themed restaurant.

We just love relaxing in the room, looking down on the business district’s skyscrapers, leaving the curtains open each night to enjoy the cosmopolitan view.

This is a recharge before the long train journey into the centre of Java.

The pool is on the 21st floor and open to the cooling winds. Probably the highest swim we have ever taken in a building
One of the girls on reception, gave us this lovely teddy bear, so we asked her to come up with a typical Indonesian name. Welcome to Bejo, our new travelling companion. Thanks Novia

One thought on “Hotel living in Jakarta

  1. Hello Hilary and Roger!

    Wow Bejo is there!! 😍
    Very lovely! Thank you so much for bringing him along. He will land in London in few weeks haha. Wish I can catch up with him next time 😉
    Hows Yogya so far? Try to have lunch in Plataran Borobudur. Its very beautiful, up on a hill, near Borobudur, and you can see the top of Borobudur with a telescope! 😊

    Have a great adventure ahead! Xoxo
    P.S.: I will share this post on my Facebook! 💜


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