We love SG (Singapore)

We love SG (Singapore)

We would definitely put Singapore into our top three city experiences of the gap year, alongside Vancouver and Sydney. After an incredible programme of land reclamation and development, the compulsory stop-on-the-route-to-Australia is now a city destination in its own right, with some of the world’s most distinctive attractions.

The Gardens by the Bay with its Supertrees (see our next blog) and the Marina Bay Sands Hotel (the building on the left in the photo above) have simply rebranded the city, giving it a new visual language for the Instagram age, and as tourists it’s initially hard to see beyond them.

But we were also interested to explore an earlier Singapore, the city of Raffles, the Japanese invasion and the birth in 1965 of an independent country. So we spent time walking up the Singapore River, through Fort Canning Park and loved the National Museum.

Singapore is without question a clean and green city, a clear reflection of an efficient, orderly and wealthy society. It has come on a ton since Hilary was here in 1987, when the river stank, there were still rows of squalid Chinese shanty houses and lots of spitting in the streets.

The Merlion statue is the symbol of Singapore – a lion’s head combined with a fish tail
Raffles Hotel is undergoing a major refurbishment, so we drank the obligatory Singapore Slings in the Billiard Room as opposed to the iconic Long Bar
A couple of spots on our walk along the banks of the Singapore River; the Fullerton Road Bridge and the Raffles Statue

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