The Supertrees of Singapore

The Supertrees of Singapore

With Singapore positioned as a Garden City, it’s entirely fitting that a whole swathe of the reclaimed land beyond Marina Bay became the Gardens by the Bay.

Opened in 2012, it’s the number 1 tourist attraction in Singapore and deservedly so. Gardens by the Bay is a showpiece of horticulture and garden artistry, presenting worldwide plants in both an educating and entertaining way. Key features are two massive glass conservatories (so much larger than the ones at Britain’s Eden Project), displaying plants from cloud forests and mediterranean regions, and the collection of 18 iconic Supertrees.

Roger on the observatory deck of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel with the Supertrees below

Designed by landscape architects from Bath (England), these steel framed structures covered in vertical gardens of tropical plants with lots of added environmental features, are up to 16 stories high and strangely ethereal and captivating.

And at dusk the Supertrees turn into a wonderland of lights and moods that ‘perform’ to music, in our case a medley of golden oldies themed around the ‘moon’. They are a fantastic creative achievement and a must see.


If you plan to do this Allow a good few hours to fully enjoy the Flower and Cloud Forest Domes. And be sure to see the evening Supertrees light show. We found the best view was from the raised bank on the east side of the Supertrees Grove – this gets you away from the noisy crowds, and enables you to see the top of the Supertrees without getting neck ache.


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