Rest in Peace Roger

IMG_0929We went to Orchha, a mediaeval town with derelict palaces, havelis and sandstone cenotaphs floating amidst the jungle. Roger wrote in his diary that “Orchha is better than the Taj Mahal”.

Tragically, Roger fell from the second floor of the Laxmi Temple onto a stone floor on Friday 13th whilst taking photos. He was rushed to hospital but they couldn’t save him.


This was the best year of our life together and he died a happy man doing the thing he most loved, photography.

I have been so lucky and privileged to have been married to him for 23 years.



21 thoughts on “Rest in Peace Roger

  1. Hilary, I am heartbroken for you. The love you have for each other and for life has been very evident in your photos and words here. You both have touched my heart from the beginning. Sending you love, prayers and strength from California.


  2. Dear Hillary,

    I still could not believe the news and your writing. Tears are unbearable when I think about that morning Roger came to front desk. I am so sorry for your loss. Roger is a very nice man, funny, it is such a previliged to meet you guys in Jakarta and get to know you eventhough in a short time. My heart and prayers are with you. Love, Novia ❤


  3. I heard about this on the news. May God give you strength Hilary. Reading this post makes me feel a little better – as you say – he left doing what he loved.. That’s possibly the only solace we can find in this seemingly unfair tragedy. Our prayers are with you and your family..
    From india


  4. Dear Hilary I read about your husband’s tragic death in the news on Saturday and followed the link to your blog from the BBC website. What I hadn’t expected was that I would then spend the rest of the afternoon and all evening reading virtually all of the blog posts from the start and admiring the wonderful photos. I was so caught up in the wonderful adventures you obviously had that by the end I had to remind myself what had brought me to the blog in the first place. I thought about it again this evening and wondered whether someone might have added an update to the blog on your behalf. Your words are lovely and poignant & I hope in time the record of your amazing year will be able to bring you great comfort. I imagine your blog will have inspired many other people, young and old, to think about taking such a gap year. I am just so sorry for you & your family & friends that it ended in this way. With all very best wishes to you at this time. Emma


    1. I did the exact same Emma I literally couldn’t stop reading – for some reason this tragedy really affected me and I feel nothing but love and so much sympathy for Hilary and her children
      RIP Roger


  5. Dear Hilary,
    I am so sorry to hear of Rogers passing but comforted that you both experienced such an amazing time together.Your blog is a wonderful account.
    I never met Roger but I see he ran the Buckingham parkrun on the one occassion I did so maybe he sprinted passed me as he was 4 minutes quicker!He looked a lovely man.
    Thinking of you.
    Susie x


  6. Hilary and Family – so very sorry to read about your sad loss. Your deep love for each other was very evident in the wonderful photographs. RIP Roger.


  7. Hilary – please know that you are in our thoughts. Still hard to believe. I know its a small comfort at this time but you both spent such a beautiful time together in the last year and hopefully this will keep you and your family on the road ahead. Philippa and David


  8. I’m sending you all our love, Hilary. I am so deeply, deeply sad and shocked about what’s happened. I have loved reading your posts over the past year and about the special times you and Roger have shared. You’re in our thoughts and in our hearts. With all our love, Angela and Tim xxxxx


  9. Hilary, so sorry to hear about Roger. Such a tragic accident to happen after what looks like an amazing year. I remember you both from when I looked after Natasha as a little 4yr old. My love and thoughts are with you and the children.
    Penny x


  10. Hilary. We’re devastated. If there’s anything we can do you must let us know. We can’t imagine life without Roger. We also feel lucky and privileged to have spent time with him over the years. All our love to you and the children. Helen & Roger xx


  11. I am saddened and sorry to read about Roger. Even tho I never met him I feel I got to know him from reading your daily blogs from your “gap” year. My thoughts are with you at this tragic time. Maybe can meet again on snother riding adventure.


  12. Hilary, such lovely words at such a sad time. My heart really goes out to you . Everyone at the tennis club has been deeply saddened by the tragic news. Your blog has given us such enjoyment over the past year and kept you both very much in our thoughts and discussions. Your tribute to Roger is so poignant and so fitting for such a wonderful man. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We have the biggest of hugs waiting for your return. All our love Keira and Anthony xxxxx


  13. I cannot begin to imagine your feelings right now but what you have written at this tragic time is very special. You had such an amazing time together and you will be able to cherish those memories during these dark days. Sending you and your children a hug, Wendy and David Salmon


  14. Hilary, I have no words. We have so looked forward to your blog notes – you two have brought much joy to us this year, but I’m so devastated to hear about Roger today. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


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