About us and our trip

About us and our trip

In this blog we are sharing what we see, do and learn as we travel around the world. In November 2016 we put all our possessions in a container on a farm, rented out our house, and set off to experience new things in our middle aged gap yearΒ with a round-the-world flight ticket.

We are Hilary and Roger a married couple from England / Scotland who are in their mid fifties. Hilary’s motto is Β “just do it” whilst Roger’s is “to die young as late as possible”. We took the view that on your deathbed you never wish you’d spent more time in the office.

We’ve seen our two kids off into the wider world and we have no more caring responsibilities for our parents. So we thought now is the time to take a gap year and travel whilst we still have the health and energy. After all you only live once.

We kicked-off with a two month road trip around Italy to get ourselves used to long term travel. Then after spending Christmas with our children in Bologna, we flew to Chile to start our travels up the Americas from Patagonia to Canada. After that we crossed the Pacific via Hawaii to Australia, Japan, Korea and China.

We are now enjoying travelling in Indonesia. Then it’s Singapore, Malaysia and India in October.


24 thoughts on “About us and our trip

  1. Thinking of you, Hilary.
    Sending love and strength at what will be a dreadful journey ahead.
    Roger was a vibrant, positive man and I hope you can one day come to some sort of peace that he was so very happy and loving you and his life . When my Emily died, aged 19, the shock was immense and the pain is unending- immeasurable and dreadful. In the ( nearly ) 4 years – since she died ( New Year’s Day 2014) every day is hard…and the sense of sadness is horrific – but Emily died quickly ( of Meningitis) and I hope she wouldn’t have known too much and it was a very happy time in her life—working hard and getting ready to go off to uni…I hope that in time you’ll all feel happy that you had that wonderful year. Sending hugs to you all πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ


  2. Dear Hilary,

    today we read about Roger’s tragic accident. We cannot believe what happend. We are shocked and very sad about his death. But we are very proud to get to know you and Roger this summer because we met several times during our common trip in Australia. We will keep these special moments with you both in our thoughts.
    We will remember Roger as a very kind and pleasant man. You have our heartfelt sympathy and we wish you and your children enough strength in such sad days.

    In love
    Beate & Walter (Germany)


  3. Dear Hillary, I remember your wedding so well, and the happiness that you found together. (I was the one who helped you to find a custom-dyer for your wedding shoes, at the eleventh hour.) Such a dreadful shock to hear of Roger’s death and all I can say is that I think of him so fondly from our BT days, and later during the InFocus times when he came to Uttoxeter. Roger is so real in the memories and is woven into the fabric of so many lives; he will always be remembered. Holding you in my thoughts. Janet.


  4. Dear Hilary and family
    I was very sorry to learn about Roger’s tragic death. I knew him a little in London in the 1980s when we were both part of a team of volunteers helping young people to find work. I am not sure how much help we were to the young people concerned but the volunteers were sociable and fun, and I remember many happy evenings in Roger’s company in the pubs of south London. It sounds as if he retained his interest in people and sense of enterprise throughout his life. I hope you take some comfort and inspiration from the wonderful time you spent together especially during the last year.
    Best wishes.
    Helen Brazier


  5. You clearly had a great adventure together and I hope you can gain comfort that you had this opportunity together before this tragic accident, so many couples don’t. I very much enjoyed the blog, it was a kind thing to create this for other to benefit from, I would like to do something similar with my wife soon, so this selfless act of sharing your tips was generous and genuinely useful. I hope you can take comfort also from so many people that don’t know you responding to your blog and wishing you well for the future.


  6. I have just finished reading the tragic news about Roger on the BBC website, and I wanted to add my small token of support at this incredibly horrendous time. I add my voice to those who say that you WILL get through this, even if right now that probably feels unimaginable.

    I know you don’t know me, but I can see that your blog is an incredible testimony to your adventurous spirit, love, and joy for life, and I hope that it will eventually come to give you comfort in time. It serves as proof of your admirable love and wonder of the world, and your talent for cherishing the important things in life. As you say, no-one will ever look back and wish they spent more time in the office.

    You lived the last year of your life with the tenacity and joy and boldness that I know you will remember Roger for, and I hope that all of us will one day be able to live with the love and openness that you two clearly shared. That, after all, is the point of everything.

    Roger’s spirit and love will continue to live on through you and your memories – you already know that, I am sure. If, at some point, you feel the need for external proof that you WILL get through this, I strongly recommend reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book Option B. She wrote it after her husband died suddenly, and explains how she rebuilt her life, one minute, one day, one week at a time.

    I wish you and your family the same strength and love.

    Hannah, London x


  7. My thoughts are with you and your family in this very diffucult time.
    Your husband had a wonderful last year of his life together with you.
    Try and be strong.
    He is with you at all times.
    Lots of Love and best wishes
    Maggie in Sweden


  8. Dear Hilary,
    So sorry to read about Roger today on FB news. Please stay strong. Sending you love, good thoughts.
    Sylvia, Ahmedabad, India
    PS. Would you need any help or a friend in Delhi? My daughter is a student there. Can ask her to be in touch.

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  9. Hi Hilary,
    Sorry for what happened. We include Roger in our prayers for the decease. My wife and I are currently visiting Edinburgh from Hong Kong. We are not on gap year but we understand and appreciate what you’re doing: creating so many happy memories. God bless!
    Bani and Tess


  10. Dear Hilary,

    I read the sad news on Roger’s passing through facebook. My deepest condolences. May you be strong in this difficult times. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. RIP Roger.

    From a fellow WP blogger


  11. Dear Hilary,
    I’ve loved following your blog and am so sad to hear about Roger. My heart goes out to you and I hope you are being looked after in Delhi. Sending you very much love, Kate Parsons


  12. Dear Hilary, I am so sorry to hear the very sad news about Roger, our hearts go out to you and your family. John Bates and family


  13. I’m so sorry for your tragic loss Hilary.
    I don’t know you, but I felt compelled to write some words that are borne out of experi3nce.
    Please focus on your blessings, your memories and your love will which will be forever. Life is but a journey for the body the spirit never passes. Your beloved Roger will always be with you on your journey. Take comfort in your family and friends, and those like me you have inspired to get up and love life. Look for the blessings and the beauty of life. Allow yourself to grieve. For now take 1 day at a time and know that you WILL get through this. You will laugh again. Look forwards with the strength that Roger would want.
    In my prayers, much love.


  14. So sorry to learn of this awful tragedy. Your admirable decision to travel like this really highlights the importance of grabbing life by the horns, living it to the fullest and spending quality time with loved ones. Thank you for that. Although this is a terrible period for you and your family I hope your wonderful blog of memories will help you given time.


  15. So sorry to hear about Rodger. I can’t bare to think of what you’re going through Hilary but I’m sure Rodger would want you to continue to live your life to the fullest. Be strong and continue your journey for the both of you! Everyone will be behind you. Take care ❀ xxxxx

    (Ps. I was inspired by your blog – I love travelling. Hence why I'm here).


  16. Hilary – I just read about what happened to Roger on the BBC site. What a dreadful thing to happen – I’m so sorry to learn of this and wanted to send you a brief message of support at this difficult time. Kind regards, Paul. (Also a photographer). ps: I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. Roger was clearly an excellent photographer.


  17. Hi Roger and Hilary! We met at the campground off of I-5 in Oregon thanks to our lovely Jucy campervan. I’ve been reading your blog now for a couple of weeks and I’m really enjoying it. How I wish I could be travelling freely for a year again like you two are. Perhaps, one day Brian and I can do the same together when we reach our 50s. πŸ™‚ Keep up with the posts – I always look forward to them. Cheers! Olivia


    1. Hi Olivia, it was great to meet you both too and thanks for following our blog. And thanks so much for the demo of your Jucy campervan, we are going to try getting one in Australia. And yes, if you travel round the world, do stop by Britain and look us up.


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