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Favourite pictures of South America (so far)

As we head towards the airport for the next leg of our gap year, here’s a selection of some of our favourite pictures from Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil.

Our previous experience of South America in 2011 was a three weeks holiday in Venezuela. Honestly don’t even think of going there. All the time we felt on edge, and we were robbed twice, mugged once and held up by armed soldiers too. Now thankfully our views on this vast continent have been transformed. The last last eight weeks have been an amazing and inspiring time. We’ve been so lucky to experience unique places and everywhere (well apart from one evening walk in Salta) we have felt safe and welcomed.

Sunset over the Rio de la Plata

img_4006Hilary photographed on the pier at Colonia.

Day to day at home we rarely stop to watch the sunset. It just happens as we email in the office or cook in the kitchen and then it’s dark.

In South America our memorable sunsets have included; on the Beagle Channel, over the Pacific Ocean at Iquique, in the Atacama Desert, at the estancia in Paraguay and now here. As Bern Williams said It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.

On Ypacarai Lake

img_1232We took a pre-breakfast stroll along the public beach at San Bernadino. It’s the only time of day when the temperatures are conducive to any form of exercise.

However, this idyllic photograph of Hilary doesn’t tell the full story.

Although a traditional summer and weekend destination for the over-heated of Asunción, Lake Ypacarai is a pretty polluted lake by our standards. But, some Paraguayans still seem eager to swim in it. And this photograph below reminds us that the proportion of the population below 15 years old is some 33%. As you walk around you see very few people of our age; except for some expat Germans and Americans.



Punta Arenas chill-out

Lovely time strolling around this welcoming town. It’s on the Strait of Magellan and everyone is very chilled out and friendly.

Roger took this sequence of photos as we walked along the promenade.

Gosh today feels like the end of a holiday. We have so enjoyed our time in Patagonia. The amazing scenery. The welcoming atmosphere. The friendly hostels. And the adventure of travelling so far south.

So today is also the start of the next stage of our gap year. We fly north to Santiago and then have a 24 hour bus journey leaving tonight to Iquique in the far north of Chile.

Reflections on Assisi


It’s hard to have a secular holiday in Italy. But when Assisi is so beautiful who needs to.

And it’s impressive to watch the devout Catholics queuing up to pray in front of St Francis’ displayed coffin.

But for us it was the beauty of the place. Caught in a magical sunlight, built of white and pink limestone. We climbed up to the fort high above the town and read about the warfare across the valley centuries ago between Assisi and Perugia. Seems nothing changes in life. We used to fight our neighbouring town – today we fight globally.

Maybe world leaders need to take more inspiration from St Francis.

Into the green heart of Italy


Through the morning mist we drove to Perugia; the capital of Umbria. We really wanted to explore this busy University town. The most impressive structure was the amazing Arco Etrusco, one of the city’s ancient gates. It’s about 100 feet thick and dates from 300 BC;  we think our ancestors were still living in caves then.

In the central Piazzo IV Novembre was a collection of American cars driven by the Italy/American automobile club.

Can you spot Roger in the pic?